IN the Foreword to the first Edition of Literary Geography (published by the Pall Mall Press, London, in 1904, and followed by a second edition in 1907) the author explained that :

"The following papers on the distinctive features of the actual or delineated country of certain famous writers, and on certain regions which have many literary associations, now collectively grouped under the title Literary Geography, have appeared at intervals during 1903 and 1904 in The Pall Mall Magazine. The order in which they appeared there has not been adhered to, and here and there a few passages or quotations or illustrations have been cancelled; otherwise, save for the correction of one or two slips in nomenclature or other misstatements, the articles appear as they were written."

It is obvious that the choice of theme has been arbitrary. Where, for instance, is "The Country of Thomas Hardy"? But "Wessex" has been so exploited that further writing on the subject seemed to be superfluous. It is, however, equally obvious that, to be adequately inclusive, not a single volume but a Cyclopędia of Literary Geography would be necessary. The present volume aims at nothing more than to be a readable companion in times of leisure for those who are in sympathy with the author's choice of writers and localities; and if they share his own pleasure in wandering through these "literary lands" he on his part will be well content.

From the present volume three papers are omitted: Scott-Land, Dickens-Land, and The Literary Geography of the English Lakes.

Of the three Travel Sketches which form Part II. Through Nelson's Duchy was written for the Pall Mall Magazine of June 1903. The Land of Theocritus and Rome in Africa appeared in Harper's Monthly Magazine, the first in April 1903, the second in June 1895; and through the courtesy of the Editors of these Periodicals I am enabled to include them in Volume IV. of the Selected Writings of William Sharp.




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