The volume of "Dramatic Interludes," entitled Vistas, was originally published by Frank Murray in his Regent Series (The Moray Press, Derbyshire) in 1894. A few months later, the succeeding volume in the series was Pharais: a Romance of the Isles, the first of the writings issued by William Sharp over the signature "Fiona Macleod"; and Vistas is considered by some of his readers to be a link between the two methods of his thought and work. In the dedicatory Foreword written for the American edition (Stone & Kimball, Chicago, 1894) the author has explained his intention in these "dramatic interludes." Of the contents "The Black Madonna " appeared originally under the pseudonymn W. S. Fanshawe, in the one number of The Pagan Review (August, 1892) which was written entirely by William Sharp, as editor and contributors; "The Birth of a Soul" was printed in The Chapbook (Chicago, Sept. I5, 1894); "The Whisperer" appeared first in the American edition of Vistas, and was printed separately in The Theosophical Review (London, February, 1908) and is now for the first time issued in book form in England.

The three Tales in Part II were published in 1896 by Messrs. A. Constable & Co., in a volume entitled "Madge o' the Pool," together with one other tale, "The Coward." The American edition, under the title of "The Gypsy Christ" (Stone & Kimball) was published a year earlier, and contained other three tales: "A Venetian Idyll," "The Graven Image," "Fröken Bergliot." It is in accordance with the wishes of the author that the four tales are not included in the present Volume.

The "Prose Imaginings " in Part III, with the exception of the fragment "The Merchant of Dreams," formed the contents of the volume entitled Ecce Puella, published in 1896 (by Elkin Matthew) in which year also appeared The Washer of the Ford, Green Fire, and From the Hills of Dream, by "Fiona Macleod." In a note to Ecce PuellaWilliam Sharp explained that:

"Ecce Puella" comprises what the author cares to disengage from Fair Women in Painting and Poetry, an illustrated monograph which he undertook at the instance of the late D. G. Hamerton, for the Portfolio Series. It has, of been reworked into this, its essential form. "Love in a Mist" originally was published with illustrations in Good Words. "Fragments from the Lost Journals of Piero di Cosimo" appeared some years ago (1890) in two consecutive numbers of The Scottish Art Review.

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