Volume III, Under a Dark Star,
by Fiona Macleod



In its present form The Dominion of Dreams differs considerably from the first edition published in 1899 by Messrs. A. Constable (reprinted).

The revisions, the transference of certain of the stories from one volume to another, and the cancelling of the short tale "The House of Sand and Foam" are carried out in accordance with the instructions and wishes of the author. Thus, "The White Heron" will now be found in Vol. IV, The Divine Adventure; "The Sad Queen" and "The Woman with the Net" in Vol. II, The Washer of the Ford. And to the present edition have been transferred "The Hills of Ruel" from the volume of selected Spiritual Tales (Patrick Geddes & Col, 1897, and David Nutt, I904), and "The Birdeen" from The Sin-Eater; and from the same volume also, "The Anointed Man," "The Dn-nan-Rn," and "Green Branches," in order that all the stories relating to the Achanna brothers may be grouped together in a separate section under the title of "Under the Dark Star." This regrouping of the contents of the original volume has necessitated further alterations: "The Herdsman" has been transferred to Vol. VI; and to The Dominion of Dreams have been added "The Sight" and "The Dark Hour of Fergus " from The Washer of the Ford; " Morag of the Glen" contributed originally to The Savoy Magazine (November, 1896), and included in the Tauchintz volume The Sunset of Old Tales, 1905. "The Archer" appeared first in the selected volume of Tragic Romances (Patrick Geddes & Col, 1897, and David Nutt, 1904), and was included in the Tauchintz volume Wind and Wave, 1905, in an altered form and under the title of "Silis." This tale was rewritten several times; and I have selected for the present edition the revised version that retains the opening and closing sections with the vision of the Archer whence the story drew its name. The curtailing of the opening portion of "The Yellow Moonrock" is the work of the author; and "A Memory of Beauty" as it now stands is all that he wished retained of the story entitled "The Daughter of the Sun" that originally formed a part of The Sin-Eater, and Other Tales.