Volume III, Under a Dark Star,
by Fiona Macleod


Most of the contents of this book are printed for the first time: "Children of the Dark Star" appeared in The Dome, fifth quarterly issue, May, 1898: "The Wells of Peace" in Good Words in September, 1898: and "Enya of the Dark Eyes" in Literature, in the autumn, 1898. The first of the five parts of "Ulad of the Dreams" has been already printed as "The Melancholy of Ulad," a translation of which ("La Tristesse d'Ulad") appeared in L'Humanité Nouvelle of November, 1898; while the Chant to Fand in it has been set to music by M. Edmond Bailly. A passage on P. 182 has been reprinted from an earlier and cancelled story in The Washer of the Ford. The reader interested in the fast disappearing St. Brigit (St. Bride) customs allude to in "By the Yellow Moonrock" will find a full and authentic account in Mr. Alexander Carmichael's shortly forthcoming Ňr agus Ob, to which, through a friend, I am indebted for the rare Gaelic verses and one or two points of detail.

One or two of the contents of The Dominion of Dreams will be included in the forthcoming French translation of representative tales selected from The Sin-Eater and The Washer of the Ford, by M. Henri D. Davray (Mercure de France).

F. M.