When I discovered that The Seattle Public Library still listed two works by Fiona Macleod or William Sharp, my first thought was that I must present these books to the web as scanned pages. However, we know this takes massive disk space, no matter how devious one is. And so, the pages were translated into Word 2.0 using the Times Roman font for legibility, rather that the dutch font that the OCR program initially chose.

The margins of the book have been maintained, but with the editor in FrontPage97 I could not maintain the exact words on each line, as they were set in type. Page numbers were eliminated and the spacing between paragraphs tightened to give an uninterrupted reading. Centering, indentations have been spun off; the Web recognizes them not. However, I am learning about indents and "<blockquotes>."

My apologies also for including pictures and symbols to illuminate plain white pages. The stories, the words are important. Presentation helps, too.

P.S. I am scanning as fast as I can.

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